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Bridesmaids Attire...What’s in!

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Traditionally, bridesmaids wore the exact same dress, shoes, and accessories. For many modern brides this is a little too cookie cutter for their wedding style and partially, I think, they don’t want to lose any of their girlfriends over a bad bridesmaids dress. Brides are now being more open to variety, not only with the dress style but also with different shades or even with different color choices all together!

Styles can vary from different necklines; halter, strapless, sweetheart, etc, to different lengths and waistline styles. This is not only popular, but also allows for each girl to pick a style that fits their body type perfectly…so everyone in the wedding party will exude confidence and feel their very best, while also contributing to the attire choices.

Accessories and shoes style is also changing depending on the wedding venue and theme. It’s often common for sandals or flip-flops to be worn for beach or Lowcountry style ceremonies and cowboy boots are completely acceptable for a country theme wedding.

Bridesmaids no longer have to dread wearing their "chosen" attire or dress, but can now have more input and have fun picking out their own dress to suite their personal style, body type, and comfort zone!

Posted on May 5, 2014
by Hilton Head Island Wedding Staff