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Hung up on unique

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2015 wedding season has ended for Lisa Kenward Events.  Each wedding coordinated was unique and reflected the wishes and personalities of each client.  One of the topics that was discussed during past client meetings with local professionals was the idea of an unique creation of the brides bouquet.  

Here’s a scenario of a conversation during an introductory meeting… the bride-to-be shows the florist several pictures of wedding bouquets she likes.  The type of flower is evident, the arrangement is clear, the handle wrapping is noted.  The florist says she can create the look and then makes suggestions to change the size, shape, and flowers selected.  

After seven years in the wedding industry, I’ve come to the conclusion that some professionals base their service on a one-time design; a design just for you and only you.  The professional will not duplicate a design that was created for another bride.  That is great if you want a design never created before and designed just for you.  But, if you love the design they show you and it fits within your décor, color, personality and budget, will the business owner create the mirror image for you?  

Certainly, you wouldn’t ask for the same bouquet your friend selected or the same arrangement your sister had but consider using the size, shape and design as an inspiration for your own.  And, I am not trying to convince you to have someone else’s bouquet or color scheme or design.  But, if the design is what you want, ask for the same, keep it, love it.  Why change an esthetic good thing just so you can say your arrangement was unique?  You will be carrying the arrangement; it is unique because it is yours.  With millions of Pinterest photos posted, have you found what you are looking for?  Are you hung up on unique?

On the other side of the coin, is it impossible to recreate a design from a photo?  Is the liability too great for the florist to recreate the exact look so they opt to ‘personalize it’ to make the process easier and not disappoint?  Unique sells, as it should, especially for your wedding day.

Wedding design and ideas have reached a new level with Pinterest, Hollywood and multi-million dollar designers bringing their creations to life.  The layout is perfect, the colors are stunning with every detail strategically placed; personalized for their client.  Will there be another wedding at this venue with the exact layout and design?  No.  Variables come into play such as guest count, table arrangements, music, timeline and individual personalities.

If you see something you like, ask for it.  Don’t be afraid to think that someone else will think you are copying their idea.  Where do you think they got the idea from?  Get inspired by Pinterest, online searches and your surroundings.  Save the photos that reflect what you want and plan to share it with the professional that you select to design your sophisticated, creative and memorable wedding event.

Posted on December 11, 2015
by Lisa Kenward

Featured Guest Blogger on, Lisa Kenward of Lisa Kenward Events on Hilton Head Island, touches on simplicity being the key to perfection when planning your Lowcountry wedding. Lisa Kenward Events specializes in creating sophisticated and memorable ceremonies involving menu planning, venue selection, event coordination, before and after wedding festivities and rehearsal dinners. For additional information on Lisa Kenward Events of planning a wedding on Hilton Head Island, Click Here