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Wedding Equation Balance… Want vs. Need. Is it within your Budget?

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Oh, the dreaded word when planning an event – budget. Everyone has one but doesn’t always refer back to the budget or review the decreasing balance as decisions are made. What exactly is mandatory for your sophisticated, creative and memorable wedding day?

The ‘must-have’ on your wedding day consists of a marriage license from the county government office in the country where you are going to get married. Exchanging rings reflect a traditional symbol of your marriage but not mandatory. Flowers, music, photographer, limo, video, a meal – not necessary. If your budget reflects a positive balance, consider capturing your moment in time with a photographer. Music is nice to listen to as your walk to your wedding ceremony and flowers are nice to hold but not mandatory. Guests expect a meal or at least a slice of cake with a beverage.

Consider these cost-saving suggestions as you plan your event:

  • Instead of flowers, carry a memento from someone special that could not attend
  • A beach ceremony on Hilton Head Island only requires a beach permit – complimentary to local residents
  • Consider a late morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception at a local restaurant
  • Oceanfront rental homes are wonderful for intimate events under 20 guests

Your wedding day will be unique and special without overlays on the guest tables. Your day will be fabulous and fun without spending big bucks for flowers. Focus on simplicity to keep your budget in line. You can have a wedding on Hilton Head Island without spending thousands of dollars if you are flexible and focused on costs - watching the available dollars decrease with each decision. A sophisticated, creative and memorable event can be yours! Start with a budget and call Lisa Kenward Events!

Posted on July 18, 2014
by Lisa Kenward

Featured Guest Blogger on, Lisa Kenward of Lisa Kenward Events on Hilton Head Island, touches on simplicity being the key to perfection when planning your Lowcountry wedding. Lisa Kenward Events specializes in creating sophisticated and memorable ceremonies involving menu planning, venue selection, event coordination, before and after wedding festivities and rehearsal dinners. For additional information on Lisa Kenward Events of planning a wedding on Hilton Head Island, Click Here