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Vow Renewals

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Dayle Thomas, of Photography by Dayle, is a Guest Blogger on The Hilton Head Island staff at Photography by Dayle will capture the emotions and memories of your Hilton Head Island wedding. Dayle and her professional staff, vow to celebrate the personalized touches you’ve spent hours selecting for your big day.

I hear people say all the time, there is no better place to get married than on Hilton Head Island. Well- as an island resident and photographer, I happen to agree! BUT if you ask me, even if you didn’t get married here, it is the perfect place for a wedding vow renewal ceremony, and if my client listing is any indication, I’m not alone!

Couples come from everywhere to have their toes in the sand and their families by their sides when they renew their vows – and for good reason! With children, grandchildren and sometimes even great grandchildren in tow – their vow renewal trip turns into a full blown family vacation for every age. Oh and let’s not forget the dogs… lots and lots of dogs celebrate too!

Whether you’re reliving where you were and what you did here oh so many years ago or if you are just experiencing it together now, there’s one thing Hilton Head Island offers and this is something for everyone in a beautiful setting, I dare you to be stressed or bored here.

If you think weddings are emotional – try a vow renewal ceremony. Whether it’s just the couple having a very intimate celebration or an entire family gathered to celebrate, it’s all about history, and experiences and love… and of course, champagne.

So yep – there we have it, Wedding Vow Renewals – Celebrations – Families – Dogs – History – Experiences – Love – Champagne

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Posted on June 17, 2014
by Dayle Thomas