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Dayle Thomas, of Photography by Dayle, is a Guest Blogger on Dayle and her professional staff specialize in capturing the emotions and memories of your Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry wedding. Photography by Dayle vows to celebrate the personalized touches you’ve spent hours selecting for your big day. For additional information on Photography by Dayle, click here

Your wedding - your way! So many wedding trends come and go it's hard to keep up sometimes, but one thing that is ALWAYS a trend here on Hilton Head Island is our gorgeous beaches. Whether your wedding is big or small, morning or afternoon ... if it's on the beach I can guarantee one thing - there is sand involved ... and comfy shoes!

Sometimes the sand is an uninvited guest - which is why so many brides choose to wear sandals - other times, there are ceremonies celebrating the sand! Both are common trends here and both can be easily personalized. Sand ceremony vessels can be done in everything from heart shaped glass vases to seashells - your choice! As for comfy feet (and who wants to be uncomfortable on their wedding day?!?) blinged out flip flops, traditional sandals or foot jewelry are all popular and make a personal statement for having your wedding your way!

Posted on May 12, 2014
by Dayle Thomas